3 Things To Consider When You Get Your Commercial Property Landscaped

Now that you have a commercial property, you get to decorate the land around it. This can be fun: a great outlet for your creativity and business savvy. There are, however, at least 3 things that you should keep in mind when planning this landscape.

Message Sent

Clients and employees will be surveying your property every day, and what they see will influence what they think of you. Is your company iconoclastic and wild, with cutting edge hardscapes and exotic flower beds? Is your company as dependable and respectable as an English tea garden? A landscape is an extension of your corporate image, and you will to think about how it is best reflected when planning your property’s look.

Cost Of Maintenance

Landscapes can wind up costing quite a lot in maintenance if you aren’t careful. You will want to seek ways to limit how much water the grounds require, as well as what care your plants will need. Some suggestions:

1. Invest in local fauna and you won’t have to spend a lot keeping up your hot house plants.

2. Go for hardscapes and porous surfaces to cut down on water requirements.

3. Look into what maintenance is needed by any installation before you put it on your property.


This will depend largely on the type of commercial property that you have, but there are some things that you can do that will keep people safe that are pretty universal. Plan to have hedges and trees a ways away from your buildings to cut down on branches landing on your roof. Invest in slip-resistant surfaces and porous sidewalks to reduce slipping hazards. Schedule regular maintenance on your grounds to keep it well-lit and danger-free. Keep trees trimmed and healthy, and make sure debris doesn’t pile up in the corners. If you keep these ideas in mind, your clients and employees will be safe and secure on your premises.