3 Reasons You May Want to Tear Up Your Lawn

Home Owner’s Associations frequently fall back on lawns to make their multi-family housing look attractive to future renters. It’s understandable: healthy lawns look luxurious, give families places to picnic, and lawns match whatever else you want to put on your property. However, there are times when you want to take up some of that lawn and replace it with something else. Here are a few times when this is a good idea:

1. You Want To Cut Back On Your Water Consumption

Water is expensive, and renting families often consume a lot of water. Arguing with tenants about how long they take showers is fruitless. It’s way more efficient to tear up a lot of your water-loving lawn and replace it with more drought-resistant features. Hardscapes and native flora will use less water and still look very attractive. Plus, you can remove those malfunctioning sprinklers and other water-wasters.

2. You Want To Stand Out

Lawns are…expected. They have been a mainstay of landscaping since the Victorian Era. They look beautiful, but they are a bit staid. Potential renters and tenants won’t remember it while they are looking at homes. They will skim over the outside and not really notice it. You can catch their eyes and stick in their memories better by adding colorful flower beds, delicate pergolas, and winding paths. Break up your lawn with these and you will grab eyes.

3. You Are Having A Hard Time Reviving Your Lawn

Sometimes it is best to cut one’s losses. There are grounds that aren’t suitable for lawns, and lawns planted on them wind up looking patchy and miserable. This makes your property look shabby and un-cared for, which will scare away renters and tenants. You can drive your property value right back up by replacing the failing lawn with gravel, drought-resistant flower beds, and water features. These more permanent solutions ultimately save you money and attract renters.