3 Reasons Why Your Hardscape Maintenance Should Include Washing

Hardscapes need less water, and that’s good for your business’s budget.

That doesn’t mean that hardscapes don’t need any water. In fact, like with a foundation you want to settle, letting adequate moisture seep into the ground keeps rocky platforms from shifting and the soil from eroding. But your hardscape also needs to be pressure washed and cleaned every year, too. Here are three reasons why:

1. Removing stainsĀ makes the features look like new.

Stains happen over time, especially if your hardscape includes benches and tables. Wherever people congregate for long periods of time, you’ll find stains set into the stone. So make sure you schedule a regular pressure or power washing. Not only does it make the area look great each time, it prolongs the life of the individual stones.

2. Washing them removes algae and organic microroots.

Algae, moss, and fungi can grow over the surface of your hardscape. While this might seem like it’s giving your property a pleasant patina, these plants and small organisms have small root systems that bury into the surface of the rock. Over time, the roots will make those surfaces crack and crumble. Get them washed once a year to prevent deeper root systems.

3. Get rid of the embedded dirt.

Just like stains, dirt can dull the appearance of your hardscape. If your landscaping team stays on top of maintenance, however, the surfaces will always help your property give a good first impression. If your hardscapes have more polished stones than pavers or bricks, dirt can start to take away the shine. It might even abrade the surface depending on your region’s soil type. If that’s the case, the stones also need to be resealed after each pressure wash.