3 Reasons to Professionally Install Irrigation Systems

Commercial irrigation needs expert attention. A wide variety of local ordinances can prohibit different types of systems, the amount of water flow, and even how close sprinkler heads can be to public buildings. If you’re a property manager or you own commercial buildings out of the state, you don’t have time to check individual circumstances. Here are three more reasons to hire professionals to install your irrigation system so you don’t have to worry about it.

Professional installation mitigates the risk of breakage.

Irrigation systems are made up of multiple parts, and each one has to withstand the force of water pressure. Professionals can install the irrigation lines while protecting against gaps in the main and lateral lines. Even small leaks can lead to large water bills. Professionals also have experience with different systems, replacement parts, and how to diagnose water flow issues so your system starts off right.

Misaligned heads can ruin your landscaping and be a liability.

Sprinkler heads are precisely placed to ensure full watering coverage. If one of the heads is tilted, then it can’t access key sections of its radius and splotches of your landscaping will start to brown. Misaligned heads can also tilt towards the sidewalk, drenching the surface and passers-by who arrive the same time the timer turns on.

Tilted and out-of-place heads are also a liability. Professionally installed sprinklers are placed to allow both easy irrigation and no trip hazards. If a visitor gets injured by a sharp sprinkler head or irrigation part, you could be found responsible for the damages.

Professionals offer warranties and long-term maintenance.

Irrigation systems need occasional attention even after they are installed. Gaskets need to be replaced, tilted sprinkler heads need to be repositioned and checked for damage, and the system will need to be blown out for winter. Look for irrigation companies that offer installation, service warranties, and maintenance contracts for easy upkeep.