3 Essential Parts of Shopping Center Maintenance

Commercial landscaping services shouldn’t just help your commercial properties look great for the first few weeks following new plants or seasonal clean-ups. How your shopping center looks plays a large part in customers’ decisions to drop by or enter certain stores. Here are three reasons to look for a landscaping company that offers regularly scheduled maintenance.

1. Bushes and shrubs collect trash.

The thin, leafy branches on low-growing bushes and shrubs can catch on to trash that is blowing in the wind. In parking lots, this can mean everything from plastic bags and bottles to cigarette cartons. While consumers won’t necessarily frown on a loose plastic bag in the parking lot, even small piles of rubbish can make buildings look unkempt and undesirable. This can turn customers away and result in penalties from the city depending on the local rules. Look for a company that removes caught trash and keeps the snagging branches trimmed back.

2. Leaf piles can clog the pathways and ramps built to add accessibility.

Most accessible pathways leading from the parking lot to a shopping center’s front paths are poured between trees or have curbs on either side. This leads to a lot of leaves, which fall to the lowest possible ground, piling up on ramps and walkways. That means potential customers with wheelchairs or physical disabilities have to find new ways to get up the curb and that often involves crossing the street where people aren’t expecting pedestrians. Good landscaping maintenance shouldn’t just look great; it should keep pathways accessible and your visitors safe.

3. Unmanaged trees also impair visibility.

Even if you don’t have visitors trying to work around blocked pathways, people crossed the street to the stores don’t always use the marked pedestrian crossings. it’s important that trees along the division of the parking lot and the front road don’t create a barrier. Shopping centers are at the busiest when visibility is poorest, so find a landscaping company that keeps the trees decorative but trimmed.