2 Reasons Why Irrigation Systems Should Be Part of Your Neighborhood Construction

New neighborhoods don’t come together all at once, but experienced project managers know how to make it look like one cohesive place. Even before the model home is fully constructed, the lots are divided, and construction is underway, you’ll have potential buyers looking over the area and starting to bid on new homes. Make sure you have irrigation up and running before they arrive. Here’s why:

Establish HOA rates and perimeters before people settle in.

Nobody likes a homeowners association on the face of things, so if you want to insert one smoothly into your newly constructed or in-progress neighborhood, it’s important to have it set up ahead of time. Hire a landscaping¬†company to install sprinklers, irrigation systems and to double-check localized flood zones. Not only will this just become another layer of construction instead of a wholly separate project, you can better forecast HOA rates.

Make common areas and green belts greener.

People looking for potential homes in a neighborhood where the homes are mostly just concrete slabs know they can’t see the full picture of what the area will look like, but helping them out is certainly worth the investment. If your neighborhood already has areas marked for parks, pathways, and borders established, get the irrigation system installed and the trees and hedges planted; it gives the area definition and potential buyers will be even more attracted to the spot if they see healthy spots of green.