Shopping Center Maintenance: Make A Schedule Of It

Shopping centers are really labor-intensive endeavors. You have to attend to the insurance and rents, and you have to deal with keeping up the appearance of the buildings. One of the most important things you can do is create a schedule for your landscaping company to come to your center to maintain it regularly. There are[…]

Why You Should Invest In Commercial Landscaping Construction

 In the heart of winter, it can be hard to think of the lawn of your multifamily properties. After all, fewer flowers bloom now and the grass stops growing. Your landscape, however, can still need a refreshing. It needs a perk or two to get through the Christmas break. This is where landscaping construction comes[…]

How to Start Adding Hardscaping to Your Commercial Landscapes

Hardscaping is a great choice for commercial landscaping for several reasons. The two primary reasons are that: Hardscaping requires far less water usage than traditional landscapes. Many parts of the country are suffering from semi-permanent droughts, and almost every county has a few rules about irrigation water use. Not only is water the lawn expensive, especially[…]

2 Different Cracks in Your Hardscaping and What They Mean

When landscaping needs a bit of help, the signs are usually visible. Yellowing grass tells you it needs water, and deep cracks in the soil say the same thing. Odd depressions in the grass and unexpected mud will alert your landscaping team about problems with the irrigation. The surrounding plants also have various signs and[…]

3 Reasons Why Your Hardscape Maintenance Should Include Washing

Hardscapes need less water, and that’s good for your business’s budget. That doesn’t mean that hardscapes don’t need any water. In fact, like with a foundation you want to settle, letting adequate moisture seep into the ground keeps rocky platforms from shifting and the soil from eroding. But your hardscape also needs to be pressure[…]