How Irrigation Systems Can Reduce Maintenance Costs

An irrigation system is an essential element for feature-based landscaping. If green lawns and lush plants are a primary factor in your commercial lot’s curb appeal, then a manually handled watering schedule is inviting disaster. But even if landscaping isn’t your property’s primary highlight, a reliable irrigation system is a great investment. Here’s how that[…]

Top 5 Commercial Landscaping Design Trends 2018

The top 2018 landscape trends identified by The National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) which take inspiration from the outdoor living trend. Functional landscapes for commercial or residential properties are being designed to take advantage of the four seasons, year-round. The top 5 urban landscape design trends for 2018 are outlined below: 1. Experiential landscape[…]

Trees and Irrigation Systems Don’t Always Mix: Preventative Steps for Long-Term Irrigation

Trees do a lot for every property. They add a lot of curb appeal and beauty that prospective tenants are looking for, especially in an apartment complex and multi-family residential properties. They provide shade and mitigate flooding after heavy rains. They can even lock down the soil so you have to do less erosion maintenance.[…]

2 Reasons to Have a Professional Check Your Property’s Irrigation System

If you have a serious contender in mind for your next property acquisition, you’re probably in the middle of scheduling inspections. Commercial air conditioning, plumbing systems, and foundations are a huge part of the value of what you’re buying, so internal systems are probably high on your checklist. But don’t forget to keep the exterior[…]