Three Important Landscaping Additions for Every Office Complex

No matter what commercial property you own, the gap between tenants is costly. Different market groups need different incentives to both rent space at your property and stay as long-term tenants. Franchises and restaurants, for example, value clean landscaping around parking lots and clear, navigable paths. Every store wants inviting landscaping that makes the entranceway[…]

What Are the Benefits of Bundling Your Irrigation and Landscaping Services?

Property maintenance has a lot of moving parts. Landscaping, hardscaping, irrigation systems, and concrete refinishing are just a few of the exterior concerns. But if you can combine services to just a few companies, you can better integrate your exterior maintenance and plan fixed expenses. Here are two reasons to bundle your irrigation and landscaping[…]

2 Elements of Irrigation Design That Can Save Your Landscaping

Landscaping is an important part of your commercial curb appeal. The plants need to look healthy and the grass needs to be green. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you want to devote a lot of time and effort to your landscaping. A well-designed irrigation system can do the bulk of the work so your grassy[…]

3 Reasons to Professionally Install Irrigation Systems

Commercial irrigation needs expert attention. A wide variety of local ordinances can prohibit different types of systems, the amount of water flow, and even how close sprinkler heads can be to public buildings. If you’re a property manager or you own commercial buildings out of the state, you don’t have time to check individual circumstances.[…]