Breaking Up The Summer Blahs

It’s the middle of summer, and your commercial property has been humming along all season. The lawn has been lush, the paths have been clean, and the greenery has been inviting. It’s just a little dull. It’s been the same views for months now, and your customers are starting to take it for granted. How[…]

Top 3 Reasons to Have Superior Commercial Landscaping at Your Business

Gaining a competitive edge in today’s marketplace makes the difference between welcoming shoppers and watching them pass by your venue. An excellent asset in this effort is choosing commercial landscaping that is right for your setting. For example, a residential apartment management company will have different landscaping requirements than a class-A office building management team.[…]

Adjusting Your Irrigation For The Summer Season

We are in the middle of summer, and you may have noticed that things have changed. This is especially true of your irrigation system. The weather may be wicking away your water faster now, and you may find that people are impacting your lawn more. Don’t worry though. You can take the following things into[…]

Good Seasonal Plants For The Coming Months

Summer is a great time to change up the flowering landscapes on your commercial property. More people are walking by, and new flowers make your business seem perky. It will create interest and may be even attract customers. There are a wide range flowers to install this time of year that are sure to please[…]

When Should You Have Hedges Trimmed?

Summer, especially wet summers, can make the hedges at your commercial property go wild. Lush leaves and baby twigs can loom over your paths and generally make your landscape look overgrown. This is never pleasant for your customers. It is also bad for the health of your hedges. Dead branches and leaves invite bugs and[…]