Fall is a great time to improve your commercial landscaping

As the summer winds down and the colorful annuals begin to fade, the cooler weather brings a chance to reassess and improve your commercial landscaping. A well maintained property looks welcoming and professional, so carefully choose plants that add color and interest all year round. Take stock of your landscape and note bare areas or[…]

Multi-family Property Landscaping Maintenance: Reducing Your Risk of Legal Problems

People living in apartment buildings and other multi-family property arrangements expect safe surroundings, both indoors and outdoors. Outdoor features such as pathways, fountains, gardens, parking lots, and play areas can all pose dangers when they’re neglected or improperly maintained. A poorly maintained landscape is not only more hazardous to residents; it also exposes you to[…]

Why Your HOA Should Have Experts Trimming Its Hedges

Maintaining the grounds is a crucial part of a Homeowners Association’s job. Doing that will require juggling huge numbers of details, and hedge and tree trimming can get lost in the shuffle. Even if it isn’t forgotten it, non-experts can wind up botching the job and trimming poorly. This is a big problem for four[…]