Commercial Landscaping Experts Discuss Fall Aeration

When shopping center, homeowner association, or property management company clients call our commercial landscaping office to discuss a seasonal change in maintenance regimens for their lawn areas, they rarely mention fall aeration. Since this is a vital part of your turf’s ability to look great again in the spring, we put together a quick primer[…]

Homeowner Association Landscaping Maintenance Teams Ask: What Do You See in Autumn?

It’s officially autumn, so we can’t help asking. When you look outside, do you consider the leaves a lovely sight to behold or immediately start to dread what comes next? If you count yourself in the dread category, lighten up. Our homeowner association landscaping maintenance plans take fall foliage into account. Plus, the leaves aren’t[…]

Your Landscape Just Might Benefit From Permeable Pavers

Choosing the right hardscape products, especially if you have a commercial or multi-family property, can change your irrigation needs and transform how you deal with stormwater. How? Anything that covers the ground ultimately directs water runoff. That’s why we carry a line of permeable interlocking concrete pavers. These are pavers whose design let water slowly[…]

The Great Maintenance Dilemma: Pine Straw Or Mulch

Landscapes need a barrier between the soil and the residents. It looks better and it cuts down on maintenance costs. However, not all barriers look the same, and they don’t provide the same benefits. So, should your landscaping company approach your Home Owners Association and ask what sort of covering you prefer, here are some[…]