3 Easy Ways to Maximize the Impact of Commercial Landscaping

Some businesses decide to keep their property’s landscape plain and simple, but this can prevent it from looking impressive. Whether they do not have the funds or it is a decision made by choice, you should not underestimate the impact that creating a beautiful landscape can have on your business. It can make your employees[…]

Using Hardscapes to Increase Commercial Property Value

Landscapes can add beauty and value to any property, but some commercial property owners are unaware of a little-known improvement that can boost value and decrease maintenance. Like traditional landscaping, hardscapes increase curb appeal, but instead of utilizing plants, lawns, and trees, hardscapes create a planned outdoor area using man-made fixtures, such as: Pathways Patios[…]

Got Dirty Hardscapes? Don’t Let Inexperienced Staff Break Out the Acids

Old school hardscapes were often comprised of porous masonry prone to staining. Nowadays, many of those materials have been replaced with stain resistant ones. However, whether one is dealing with contemporary masonry or hardscapes from yesteryear, cleaning remains tops on the to-do list. And given the nature of masonry, caution has to be used through[…]

Commercial Landscaping Construction Pros Dish the Dirt on Excavated Soil

There are many aspects to commercial landscaping construction, including what to do with any organic material left behind by excavators. Unlike bagged soil, it cannot just be tossed around the property and used as new planting medium. This is true no matter how extensive the excavation was during the construction process. Here’s why: Every region[…]