Shopping Center Maintenance Has a Strong Domino Effect on a Site’s Success

Shopping center maintenance is about more than clean windows and debris-free walk walks. It’s also about atmospheric effects and the way they impact a commercial site’s success or failure. What are atmospheric effects? The list of elements is long, especially when it comes to shopping center maintenance. But studies have continually shown gardens and lawns[…]

Hardscapes 101: 3 Cost-Effective Hardscape Materials

If you’re the owner of a multi-family home and you’re looking to lessen the upkeep of the building’s backyard, then you may want to consider the convenience of hardscaping. Like its name implies, a hardscape makes use of hard materials, such as, concrete, bricks, or wood, to enhance your yard’s appearance. Not only does this[…]

Benefits of Hardscapes For Use around Businesses and Rentals

With water rationing becoming the norm across much of the world and the high cost of professional grounds keeping increases, more businesses and landlords are turning to hardscapes as a way to save money, reduce water usage and bring exterior beauty to a landscape. Hardscaping also creates functional outdoor space through the use of walkways,[…]