Why Not Add Hostas to Your Commercial Landscaping Plans?

If there is one thing that can be said with certainty, North Carolinians sure do love to adorn their commercial properties with lots of different plants, shrubs and trees. One perennial that is often included on that preferred list is the hosta. If you’ve never considered incorporating them into your commercial landscaping plans, perhaps this[…]

Commercial Landscaping Construction Pros Discuss Turfgrass Watering Costs

Having spent many years serving the Triad and Triangle markets, our commercial landscaping construction team knows that water conservation is an important issue for North Carolinians. That’s why we often share with clients our recommendations on which turf and ornamental grasses require the least amount of water. Today, we wanted to briefly touch on that[…]

Homeowner Association Landscaping Maintenance: Put the Bite on Spittlebugs Now

If you have certain grasses and ornamentals planted throughout your homeowner association’s properties, now is the time to be on the lookout for spittlebugs. They are known North Carolina pests whose activities are evident during the fall months. And they are known to overwinter and remerge in the spring. Therefore, their eradication should certainly be[…]