Get a Licensed Contractor for Your Irrigation Systems

Irrigation Systems in North Carolina, by law, must be installed by a licensed contractor. These licenses are obtained through the North Carolina Irrigation Contractor’s Licensing Board which was established in 2009 in response to changes in the law. The reason for these changes were to protect public health, safety and welfare while promoting efficient water use.[…]

Create The Right First Impression of Your Business by Creating The Right Hardscapes

In some instances, first impressions mean everything. Take for instance, the appearance of your commercial property. Let’s compare two different commercial buildings, both originating around 20 years ago. We’ll call them Building A and Building B, for lack of better names. Building A features a plain gray exterior with crumbling steps and broken hand rails.[…]

Choosing the Right HOA Maintenance Company

With all the different landscaping and management companies out there, it can seem almost impossible to find the right reliable company with superb HOA Maintenance experience. Long Brothers Landscaping wants to provide you with the very best service possible. To prove that, we offer some advice on things to consider when choosing a management company. Review the[…]